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Viadeo is a powerful social networking software designed for smartphone users. It serves as a professional networking service, similar to popular platforms like LinkedIn. With over 1.1 million users in France, Viadeo is rapidly growing in popularity.

One of the main features of Viadeo is its job-seeking portal, where thousands of job positions are listed. Users can browse through these opportunities and connect with professionals in their field. The software also allows users to customize their profiles based on their preferences and upload multiple images.

In addition to its networking capabilities, Viadeo offers a range of social features. Users can post their opinions on specific topics, take polls, and share their expertise with others. This makes it a valuable tool for building contacts and enhancing one's professional online presence.

The file size of Viadeo is 57.2 megabytes, and it is available in both English and French. While the basic version of the software is free, there is also an advanced package that requires a paid monthly subscription.

Overall, Viadeo is a lightweight and user-friendly social networking portal that provides all the necessary functionality for professionals. Whether you're looking for job opportunities, connecting with like-minded individuals, or staying updated with industry news, Viadeo is a valuable tool to have on your smartphone.

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